Academic Publications

Journal articles

Noring, L. (2019). Public Asset Publication: A New Vehicle for Local Finance of Urban Development. Cities Journal, Elsevier. Volume 88, May 2019, Pages 125-135.

Metrics: AJG Ranking: 2. BFI Level: 1. SCImago Journal Rank (SJR): 1,110. Impact factor (CiteScore): 3,61.

Noring, L.; Fróes, I.; Tellgren, D. (2018) Contextualising mobility variables. WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment, WIT Press. Volume 217, Pages 165 – 173. 

Noring, L. et al. (2015). Towards an EU research and innovation policy agenda for nature-based solutions &re-naturing cities. Final report of the Horizon2020 expert group on 'Nature-based solutions and re-naturing cities' published by European Commission, DG-Research and Innovation.

Noring, L. (2007). Conceptualizing successful supply chain partnerships: Viewing supply chain partnerships from an organisational culture perspective. Frederiksberg: Samfundslitteratur 2007, 426 p. Ph.D. Series, No. 26. 2007.

Kotzab H.; Noring, L. (2005). Supply Chain Partnerships: A Question of Intra- and Inter-OrganisationPaper presented at Annual Meeting of the Society for Marketing Advances, San Antonio, TX, United States.

Gammelgaard, B.; Tage Skjøtt-Larsen, T.; Sørensen, H.; Noring, L. (2005). The importance of organisational structure and evolution in supply chain partnerships. Nofoma2005, pp. 139-154.

Kotzab, H., Sørensen, H.; Noring, L. (2005). The influence of Organisational Structure and Culture on Supply Chain Partnerships. Paper presented at The 12th International Annual EUROMA Conference 2005

Noring, L.; Kotzab, H. (2003). Supply chain communities and their role in agile supply chains.European Institute for Advances studies in Management European Forum on Market-Driven Supply Chains, November 2003, Bedford UK: Cranfield School of Management. ed. /M. Christopher; D. Jones.

Book chapters 

Noring, L.; Millard, J.; Sorivelle, M. (2019). Chapter 5: Urban Governance and Financing; in book: Innovative Solutions to Creating Sustainable Cities. Editor Sylvie Albert.Cambridge Scholars Publishing (book in press). 

Millard, J.; Noring, L.; Sorivelle, M. (2019). Chapter 6: The Role of Civil Society in City Governance and Financing; in book: Innovative Solutions to Creating Sustainable Cities. Editor SylvieAlbert.Cambridge Scholars Publishing (book in press).

Millard, J; Noring, L; Farinea, C.; Sorivelle, M. (2019). Chapter 16: Nature-based Solutions for Resilient and Sustainable Citiesin bookInnovative Solutions to Creating Sustainable Cities. Editor SylvieAlbert.Cambridge Scholars Publishing (book in press).

 Under review

Noring, L. Multi-level and Multi-sector Engagement in Urban Sustainability Projects: A case study of how Hamburg, Manchester, and Pittsburgh deliver and finance sustainability projects, Challenges in Sustainability, Librello.

Noring, L.; Ohler, L. Urban Governance Impact on Project Delivery. Urban Affairs Review, SAGE Journals

Metrics: BFI Level: 2. SCImago Journal Rank (SJR): 1.113. Impact factor (Journal citation report):1,894.

Noring. L.; Ohler, L.; Struthers, D. Tackling the Refugee Crisis 2015-2017: A case study of Hamburg and Berlin. European Urban and Regional Studies. SAGE Journals

Metrics: AJG Ranking: 3. BFI Level: 2. SCImago Journal Rank (SJR): 1,628. Impact factor (Journal citation report): 2,604.

Noring, L.; Struthers, D. Financing the inclusive city- A case study of the Danish model of affordable and social housing. Journal TBD

 Currently working on manuscripts

Noring, L.; Struthers, D. Adaptive Learning in Urban Planning: HafenCity, Hamburg. Journal of Planning Literature. 

Metrics: Sage Journals. BFI Level: 2. SJR H Index: 45. Impact factor: 3,150.

Noring, L.; Froès, I. (2019) Co-Creating Governance, Journal of Urbanism: International Research on Placemaking and Urban Sustainability, Taylor and Francis.

Metrics: BFI Level:1. SCImago Journal Rank (SJR): 0,78

Mass Media

Noring, L. (2019). The Promise of Urban Models that are not Taxpayer Financed. Expert Voices. UPENN Press. January.

Noring, L. (2019). Why is nobody coming up with self-governing and self-financing solutions for cities? Land and Construction Journal, RICS. January.

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Noring, L. (2018). Financing the Inclusive City. ICLEI Europe.November.

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Noring, L.; Nygaard, J.J. (2018). Partnerships for Improved Sustainability. ICLEI Europe. September.

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Noring, L.; Katz, B. (2018). Innovation for Financing Urban Regeneration and Infrastructure. Lessons from Copenhagen, Hamburg, Helsinki & Lyon. The Fabrique de la Cité. January.

Katz, B.; Noring, L. (2017). The Five Kinds of Cities We’ll see in a Populist Era. The Atlantic, City lab section. January.

Noring, L.; Verdis, S.; Katz, B. (2017). Governing city infrastructure: Who drives the urbancycleReport by the Centre of Competence for Cities at Siemens, LSE Cities, Copenhagen Business School, and the Brookings Centennial Scholar Initiative.October

Noring, L.; Katz, B. (2017). The Copenhagen City and Port Development Corporation: A model for regenerating cities. The Brookings Institution. June.

Katz, B.; Noring, L. (2017). The Secret Copenhagen Model for Regenerating Cities. June

Katz, B.; Noring, L. (2017). Lessons for Detroit: Copenhagen unlocks value of public land to create public benefits. Detroit Free Press. July.

Katz, B.; Noring, L. (2016). Why Copenhagen Works.The Brookings Institution. February.

Katz, B.; Noring, L; Garrelts, N. (2016). Cities and Refugees: The German Experience. The Brookings Institution. September.

Katz, B;  Noring, L (2016). In Europe, integrating refugees falls to cities. The Brookings Institution. June.

Katz, B;Noring, L. (2015). Europe for Cities. The Brookings Institution. August.

Noring, L. (2003). Supply Chain Partnerships from a Network Perspective. DILF Orientering, Vol. 40, pp. 34-37.


Interview by Della Bradshaw (2014), Designing the Cities of the  Future. Financial Times. October.

Interview by Susanne Tholstrup (2015). Partnerships end in Divorce. Børsen Executive, front-page and pp. 2-3. January .

Currently working on reports

Noring, L. Devolution to Cities: a case study of Local Government Denmark. Writing for C40 or ICLEI 

Noring, L. Public Sector Innovation: a case study of HafenCity Hamburg GmbH. Writing for C40 or ICLEI 

Katz, B.;Noring, L. What Northern European Social Democrats teach U.S. Democratic Socialists. Writing for Politico.