Since 2016, City Facilitators has provided specialist advice and guidance on urban growth, business development and urban finance mechanisms to predominately European and U.S. public agencies and private corporations. City Facilitators coordinates, facilitates and is a thought leader on innovative governance and finance City Solutions, which contributes to sustainable city development. City Facilitators enables future cities to meet future demands and create sustainable societies driven by inclusive growth.

Urbanisation, resource scarcity and climate changes are interrelated challenges that make it necessary for cities to rethink their current and future needs to ensure sustainability. Future cities must be able to comply with increasing demands for housing, transportation, energy, waste handling, amongst others. The City Solutions are characterised as innovative solutions that are self-governing and self-financing (e.g. not publicly governed nor publicly financed).

City Facilitators poses the hard “how” in the search for City Solutions that tackle some of the hardest challenges cities face today:

  • How can cities provide affordable and social housing without spending tax payers’ money?

  • How can cities finance large-scale public transit without spending tax payers’ money?

  • How do cities gain increased political and fiscal powers?

  • How can cities drive the private sector towards increased inclusive growth?

  • How do cities implement better and more sustainable modes of transportation?

  • How do cities finance large-scale projects through collaborative municipal efforts?

City Facilitators searches across the world and specifically in European and U.S. cities for world-class city solutions through applied research on the most promising models of urban governance and finance that are emerging to tackle hard economic, social and environmental challenges, and fuel investments and value creation in cities.